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About Us
The original Sanskrit word Arthik means financial. Arthik also refers to Significant, Wise, Substantial or Real. In Arthik we wish to aggregate all the value chin in the financial sector – from Investors to Borrowers which will have Significant Economic Impact, where every party of the Financial Eco-Systems will be able to take Wise & Informed Borrowing & Investment decision and which must be Substantial.

In Bangladesh, we have almost same number of Mobile SIM subscriber and total number of Population. But only 37% of the total population is Financially Included considering the very loosen definition of Financial Inclusion. In Arthik, we expect to happen the greater Financial Inclusion through Digital Inclusion- Offering marginal People and the bottom-line people with Smart Devices- Connecting with the Economic Universe and helping them to generate more economic activities. In Arthik by Digital Inclusion we mean seamless, affordable or zero cost Financial Inclusion with greater pace.
What We Do?
In Arthik, First Ever Digital Inclusion Aggregator Platform in the World, with the help of our valued investors and respected partners, we offer Affordable & Accessible Smart Devices to the Marginal & Bottom Line population, to the Indigenous & Young Population to relate to the internet to be connected with the Economic Universe, we offer the digital literacy to make sure the upmost financial benefits of having smart devises in the manner to produce more economic activities to bring greater & equitable financial inclusion.

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